From the recording The Lies You Make

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There are so many things I want to know
There are so many places I want to go
But a woman came one day and told me "No,you don't know"
"What's the feeling of being caged without walls"
"What it means to have a life that you don't want"
There are so many people who believe
that there is some other land where you can live
But I've been walking thousand miles, and I never found a place
where a soul can rise and stare at me in the eyes
and where men do not believe in their own lies

And then I ran to the river, I ran thru the heat
I ran like the devil was loose on his feet
I tried to forget that there is no rule
that says that your life can't be empty and cruel

She stood right on the bank when I got there
Lost and small and looking everywhere
And I said "I grieves me so much that I can_not help"
"For your reason is what is leaving you confined"
"And there is no other prison than your mind"

She looked at me and said "I've got to go"
"The thunder comes and soon it shall be cold"
But remember about me one day when you'll be old
Never let your life become an empty hole
And your spirit be trapped into a role"

And now I walk in the city, I walk back in line
And I long for someone or some things to be mine
The echo of a voice rings out in my ear
It whispers it’s not hard to be living in fear