Nobody Gives a Damn of What Is Wrong or Right

Silver Spoon

You know the world is a little crazy, uh? Maybe it's always been, but it feels more so lately. Love is all that keeps us sane and fighting.. love, and rock music!

This single was actually born as a country-style acoustic piece, but when trying it out we tried a rock version.. and it worked! So that's the version we produced. World's crazy but making music helps!

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Bad Times Blues

Silver Spoon

Times are tough and you've got the blues? Let a guitar and a driving riff lift you right up from your misery!

Silver Spoon is a four piece Italian/Norwegian band based in Oslo, made up by Cristiano Sadun and Jørn Larsen on guitars, Vittorio Pinelli on bass and Morten Haga on drums. Their sound is based in liberally mixing acoustic and electric instruments together and each track tells a story or captures a moment of a real-life experience.

This track is a little fun blues-sounding piece based on a an acoustic guitar riff. When times are bad, there's nothing better than picking up a guitar - or listening to one!

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Late in the Night

Silver Spoon

A fast, catchy uptempo pop-rock piece which captures the atmosphere of a summer night - featuring Krasimir Georgiev at the keyboards.

"The band crafts catchy, soulful songs which manage to be accessible and original at the same time. The artful mix of acoustic, electric, clean and distorted guitar-driven sound creates an unique style that reaches directly to the heart of the fans."

"Good music comes from heart, passion and dedication.. and that instant of inspiration that happens everywhere and every time, if only your heart is open to it. That's why we do sad songs and happy songs, and everything in between - because we are sometimes sad or happy or everything in between, and some days music is a hushed sound in the background while other it's the soundtrack of your life; sometimes all you want is a soft tune to move your heart, some others you want music to have the energy of a tornado and to sweep you off your feet. That's how we feel and that's what we are - and our music is just a consequence. Enjoy if you want. "

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