Cristiano Sadun - Lead guitar, vocals

Cristiano was born in Milan, Italy - he discovered the magic of music when he was about 11, listening to an tape of Simon&Garfunkel hits (already old stuff by that time). The music was so moving and "real" that he really wanted to play and sing these songs. Luckily, grandpa's old guitar was on the wall, and his mother bought him a booklet - "Guitarist in 24 hours". Little he knew that it would have taken a bit longer. He then discovered Clapton and the electric guitar, the 60's British blues and then the real one, and then Led Zeppelin, the Dire Straits, hard rock, bebop and jazz - while also developing a taste for classical music. In the process discovered that genres are irrelevant - good music is good because it moves the heart of who's listening, no matter what.

Lars FlatekVÅl - Bass guitar

Lars grew up in Voss and currently has the title of "youngest of the band". His chops with the bass  are far bigger than his age though, and with a Fender Precision in his hands, the groove is certain! He likes and plays all kind of genres, from classic rock to hip hop and R&B, and never says no to an opportunity to jam!

Jørn Wangesteen Larsen - Guitar and backing vocals

Jørn was born in Gjøvik, Norway – as he turned 7 years of age he was allowed to play with the local schoolband, and that was all it took.
As the years went by, he discovered artists such as Dire Straits, Eric Clapton and Thin Lizzy and he was determined that one day, he would be able to sing and play like them, and even cover their songs.
When he turned 10, he got his first guitar, a 30 years old accoustic, got a crash-course in tuning and playing, and the rest is history.

Morten Haga - Drums

Morten was born some time ago and plans to keep it that way for a while. He can transition smoothly from hard rock bashing to swinging jazz grooves in the same song if he has to - but he prefers not to.